Tactical Concealment spyder mesh head & shoulders

Tactical Concealment
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Een hoge kwaliteit, speciaal geweven nylon netting 120x90cm. De kleuren die worden aangeboden, zijn zeer geschikt voor het beboste en woestijn omgevingen en is in gebruik bij diverse special forces.

Een must voor iedere sniper!

A must have for your gear arsenal….

This is a high quality specially woven nylon knit mesh fabric.  The colors offered are well suited for wooded and desert environments. This fabric is made to Tactical Concealment's specifications and has been combat proven since 2001. Functional applications were carefully considered when producing this product, it will outperform anything in it’s class.

Tactical Applications Include:  

  • Head Wrap
  • Scarf
  • Shemagh
  • Ghillie Drape
  • Ghillie Head Wrap
  • Sniper Veil
  • Weapon Cover
  • Pack Cover
  • Sweat Absorption
  • Many Other Applications….
Dimension of this product is 120 x 90cm

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